Thursday, 30 December 2021

Churchill Polar Bears 11th November 2021


November 10th was for me a quiet day for bear viewing, hence skipping to November 11th. I always try to stay in Churchill for as long as possible to maximise chances of seeing unpredictable wildlife (note also that poor visibility can hamper wildlife spotting opportunities). On the 11th though, my final day in Churchill, there was finally the cold weather which a decade ago was to be expected at the start of November. Even so, the Hudson Bay freeze up didn't come into well into December, shortening the time bears have on the ice to feed on seals.

Churchill Polar Bears 9th November 2021

 On November 9th, I took a day tour with Frontiers North, in a Tundra Buggy. This was an uncomfortably crowded experience compared to the trip I took with Great White Bear, but I was also lucky with the viewing, again seeing sparring bears.

Churchill Polar Bears 8th November 2021


Churchill Polar Bears 7th November 2021