Monday, 20 August 2012

Anan Creek July 2012 Contents Page

Since I've posted several pages of photographs of my visit to South East Alaska in July 2012, here is a contents page containing links to each individual page.

My next set of blog posts will be of my return for the third consecutive year to Churchill, Manitoba to view polar bears. I'll be going on this trip again with The Great Bear Foundation and there are still places available if you are interested. This is the lowest impact and most affordable means of getting to see some of the most magnificent creatures on life, and it really is a life changing experience.

Juneau whale watching and Mendenhall Glacier
Tracy Arm Fjord (including harbour seals)
Haines landscapes
Anan landscapes
Bald Eagles of Anan
Black Bears of Anan
Black Bear Cubs of Anan
Brown Bears of Anan
Videos of Bears at Anan

Meanwhile, if you're really keen you can look at my pictures from Anan Creek in 2011, or of polar bears of Churchill in 2011 or 2010.

Videos of bears at Anan Creek, 2012

My primary interest is in stills photography, but I took the opportunity to take some videos too during my week at Anan, primarily of bears fishing.

Brown Bears

Black Bears in Tree

Black Bears Fishing

Black Bears eating salmon

Black Bear and Cub

Black Bears interacting

Anan 2012 Contents Page

Brown Bears, Anan 2012

Anan Creek is unusual in being home to both black and brown bears.

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Black Bear Cubs, Anan 2012

The majority of the bears at Anan Creek are black: here are some of the younger ones.

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