Sunday, 5 August 2018

Anan Creek Introduction & Scenery, July 2018

I returned to Anan Creek in South East Alaska for the seventh time in 2018, staying in the forest service cabin there for 5 days just before the formal start of the season on July 5th. The salmon began to run at the start of July; when I arrived there were few fish in the river, and so the black bear activity in particular was lower than on previous trips. The black bears started to appear in the second half of my trip, though were only just beginning to catch fish as I was leaving. This year, the weather was abnormally dry and and sunny for a temperate rain forest. An unusual wildlife sighting this year at Anan was of a brave sitka deer, early one morning.

2018 Anan Index:
Eagles of Anan Creek
Black Bears
Black Bear Cubs
Brown Bears
Le Conte Glacier
Sea Lions
Harbor Seals and Humpback Whales

Anan Bay Cabin

View from the cabin showing the rangers' floathouse

Boat landing area by the Platform trailhead

Entrance to the Lagoon

Looking back towards the Lagoon entrance

The Lagoon at low tide

The Lagoon at high tide

The forest from the boardwalk

Anan Creek from the viewing platform

Lower Falls

Common Mergansers in the lagoon

Black bear from the viewing deck

Sitka deer

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