Sunday, 25 November 2012

Churchill Polar Bears, November 2012: Introduction

For the third consecutive year, I've travelled to Churchill on Hudson Bay in Canada to view the polar bears which congregate there in the autumn waiting to get onto the sea ice. I'm concentrating on sharing my photographs this year: if you want to read a written account of viewing polar bears, you could look at my 2010 posts.

The Landscape
Northern Lights
Polar Bears 15th November
Polar Bears 17th November

Winnipeg Station on 11th November (the start of the overland journey)

One of several late night train stops

Thompson, the longest stop on the route and a welcome chance to re-supply

Arrival in Churchill on 13th November after 2 days and nights on the train

Churchill Northern Studies Centre, our accommodation in Churchill

An early morning view from the Northern Studies Centre viewing deck

I hope that sharing these pictures freely, people will be convinced that magnificent creatures such as polar bears are worth preserving, and so be encouraged to take action on climate change. However, if you would like high resolution versions of any of these pictures, please contact me via this blog. I would ask in return that you make a donation of whatever you can afford (however small) to a conservation charity such as The Great Bear Foundation.

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